Monday, 1 February 2010

How far we are...

Seeing as we got engaged and decided on a date in July, I've had a lot of time to start thinking about dresses, flowers, food, colour schemes, stationery, venues, shoes, suits, cakes, jewellery, hair and make up...
We first thought that marrying abroad was the way forwards... until the family found out we what were planning and I started to feel guilty! Sometimes I think about marrying in Hong Kong like we planned but a family wedding is definately what we want.
The VERY first thing I did (apart from join a wedding forum!) was visit the local Bridal shop in Penzance called Bride! Linda, the owner is absolutely lovely. She didn't make me feel silly for looking at dresses so far in advance plus she made me a lovely cup of tea! With a dress budget of £1000 there were certain dresses I didn't let myself look at which was fine as I think they could've been a bit fussy! (I like to imagine) I picked out about eight to ten dresses to try on, leaving my favourite for last. I tried on Veromia, Ronald Joyce, Je T'aime, Benjamin Roberts... And then finally, MY DRESS! I just knew it was mine as I (well, my sister!) did it up. I felt like the wedding was going to be a reality as I looked at myself in my dress. I think all women feel like the wedding won't really happen until they look at themselves in a wedding dress. Linda grabbed an Amanda Wyatt Veil for me and I could've stayed like that ALL DAY! We won't order it until later this year but Linda has my measurements and details so I don't have to travel back and forth all the time. I have lots of pictures of me in my dress and I look at them regularly.
Can't wait til I have my dress and can wear it whenever I want. Will probably wear to hoover or go down the shops! Well, I need to get my money's worth!

Scilly Bride

Next time - Colour Schemes

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