Monday, 1 February 2010

First Post!

It's the first of february today and whilst sat at home on the Mainland doing nowt 'cept catching up on my forums and FB, I've decided to start my own blog. Lots of the brides on the forum seem to blog so I thought I'd join in. I have no idea what I'm suppose to do or say and I'm guessing that no-one will read this except me! But I think it's good for me to write stuff down as it's creating some crazy wedding dreams!

Let's start with some background first though.

H2B and I got engaged last year in July. It was a mutual decision that it was the right time so I didn't get a proposal (which I feel is a bit of a let-down). He assures he was planning on proposing soon with romance aplenty etc but personally I'm dubious! I don't have my ring yet as we can't afford it yet but I have a sparkly stand-in at the moment (Silver and Cubic Zirconia!) which is very pretty.

We have set a date but we need to speak to our local Revd to make it official. We're working towards a date in March 2011 which gives us plenty of time to save.

We are getting married on the Isles of Scilly as this is where we met and plan to live after the wedding. I can't wait to make it our permanent home as usually we just work there seasonally (Easter to Hallowe'en) going on holiday and/or returning to my family's home for the winter.

Hopefully over the next 400 odd days I can stay on top of all this planning malarkey and working AND blogging (which I think could be quite cathartic. I may become addicted!)

Scilly Bride


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